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Welcome to my website, I am glad you landed here!


My name is Giulia, friends call me Giuls. 

I am Italian, German and Swiss and absolutely passionate about languages, content, and communication. Writing is all I want to do and hopefully, I can do it for YOU!


I graduated in 2014 from the École hôtelière de Lausanne (click if you haven't heard of it) specialising in marketing, which has oriented my writing towards advertising and promotional content. 

I worked at the Nespresso HQ in the Marketing Innovation Department, within Collège Champittet's Marketing & Communication team, as Content Marketing Strategist at Salvo1968 ... and what these roles all have in common is the task I was increasingly given and trusted with. The task I love the most: creating valuable, shareable content to optimise marketing efforts. 

Which is why I have decided to focus on what I do best: write. 

I have over 5 years' experience in writing copy with marketing objectives; creating, editing and proofreading content for luxury travel websites, promoting products like Nespresso capsules, coffee machines, a large variety of food products from Salvo1968's e-commerce platform; or writing articles about top restaurants in London. I also regularly deliver press releases for the private aviation industry.


As I am particularly passionate about travelling, I would love to collaborate with more companies within the hospitality industry like hotels or travel agencies and create compelling content related to travel and tourism.

Nous Sàrl
TV shows production
“Outstanding social and influencing skills. A real pleasure to work with her.”
“Dynamic and talented, she’s able to deliver compelling, high-quality content within the tight deadlines of our fast-paced team. 
Her attention to detail and her use of beautiful yet clear wording make her a skilled writer and editor in diverse languages. 
She’s a great person to work with; I highly recommend her and thank her for her constant positive attitude. ”
Marco Magatti, Head of New Product Innovation & Design @ Nestlé Nespresso SA
“I read through it, but I never have to correct or change anything in Giulia's writing. I can simply go ahead and publish the article.”
Marketing & Communication Manager @ Collège Champittet

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